If you want your car to keep running smoothly and get good gas mileage, what do you do? Maintain it. How about your teeth? You don’t just have a root canal and then stop seeing the dentist because the pain is gone. 

Optometrist? Regular checkups. Even weight loss systems have maintenance programs. Chiropractic medicine is no different: regular maintenance is required to help you avoid the issues that brought you to the chiropractor in the first place.  

Improper motion or positioning of the bones in your spine (misalignment) is called a subluxation. Those who have experienced this agree that it can be quite unpleasant. It may cause pain in the back, neck, or shoulders, or even in arms and legs. The pressure and tension may also cause headaches, not to mention stiffness and difficulty in moving. The experienced chiropractors at the South Orange Chiropractic Center help bring relief in a variety of current and effective treatments.

However, just alleviating or eradicating the pain doesn’t solve the underlying problem, so that has to be dealt with by corrective care. During this phase, the patient may continue adjustments, but will also experience rehabilitative exercises and possible soft tissue therapies. Patients will work on posture and on being able to strengthen their muscles in order to allow them to support their spine. 

Now, think of the next phase as the “tune-up” maintenance. Our patients see us monthly as part of preventative care. They want to keep their spines aligned and to decrease the risk of any relapse. According to a study by the Chiropractic Resource Organization, U.S. chiropractors surveyed agreed that preventive and maintenance care for chiropractic patients is “of value to all age groups and a variety of conditions from stress to musculoskeletal and visceral conditions.” 

Remember the effective treatments we use to help our patients when they first come to us hoping to gain relief from pain? Let’s look at them one at a time to explain why they should be part of an ongoing level of care:

Spinal Correction:

Not only does your spine need to return to perfect alignment, but it also needs to stay in perfect alignment.


We will develop a custom plan to treat and heal your physical symptoms safely and comfortably. This is an ongoing process as we restore and maintain your physical function.

Personalized Exercises:

Our doctors will create a personalized exercise plan for you to do in your own home. This will increase your strength and stamina. A visit to the South Orange Chiropractic Center once a month or so will allow you to make sure that the exercises are still being done correctly. We can also add to and adjust your plan to continue to keep your spine in alignment.

Lifestyle Counseling:

We know that nutrition is the unsung hero of pain management and that stress can be the villain, which is why our doctors work on creating a foundation of health and wellness. During your monthly visits, we will continue to monitor your fitness plans and work to provide you nutritional advice. 

Our patients see us monthly to make sure that minor misalignments don’t go undetected. You don’t want to find yourself back at square one again! Maintenance helps reduce the risk of injuries, keeps stress controlled, and checks on their posture. They save money by preventing minor issues from becoming painful or serious. We also like to think that our patients like us!

Here are just a couple of reviews from satisfied patients who see us regularly, but you can read all of our reviews here:

I have been coming to South Orange Chiropractic for 15 years, even now that we are 30 miles away! Dr. Roczey takes great care of my family and always has a smile on his face. The practice has helped keep us healthy as we grow older. Highly recommend SO Chiropractic!!

I’ve been going to South Orange Chiropractic for quite some time. I started when I was working at NJT. Now that I’m retired I continue to go and get my adjustment. The staff is great, and the Doctors are professional and they care about your overall health.

Dr. Levine and his team of doctors and professionals are the best around!  They take a full analysis and view on your health and well-being and don’t just provide a quick fix.  You can be comforted to know they are in it for the long term and we use them as part of our wellness routine.  Thanks for your service.

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