“I often take melatonin to help me sleep me sleep. Will this cause my body to stop producing the hormone or result in any other side effects?”

No. Melatonin supplements have not been shown to stop the pineal gland from producing natural melatonin. Levels of melatonin, a neurohormone naturally produced by the pineal gland in the brain, rise during the night and dip in the morning. In some people melatonin supplements can induce sleepiness at bedtime and help them fall back asleep when taken during nighttime awakenings. A low dose (0.5 mg) is often effective for jet lag and other body-clock disorders.

Interesting: Melatonin can ease depression in some people if taken appropriately (it can worsen depression if used inappropriately). Talk to your doctor if depression is a concern or you are being treated for it.

For safe natural approaches to sleep, the doctors here at South Orange Chiropractic Center have found Effective methods to supplement ones sleep. Our sleep workshop is available to your group organization.