Video Transcript

That’s a good question. A lot of times we hope that the pain goes away, but if the body is giving us a warning signal that something’s not right, it’s just like the check engine light on your car. That light comes on the dashboard, you hope for it to go away and if it does go away now you’re worried.

Why did it come on? Chances are something is not right. Maybe it’s a loose wire in the car. Maybe it’s a bigger problem. You don’t know unless you get it checked out and the pain in the body’s the same thing.

If we don’t find out what’s causing it and listen to the body and its infinite wisdom is telling us something, there might be bigger problems looming. Many times we’ll check a patient out, we do our infrared thermal imaging which tells the patient is there a nerve-related problem, or a spinal problem, or not?


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