Drs. Levine and Roczey explain…

Video Transcripts- What is Thermal Imaging?

Imaging is just like a doctor doing a blood pressure cuff on you. You don’t know you have high blood pressure until you get checked. Thermal imaging is testing the heat of the nerve and checking for nerve root irritation, which could detect a possible problem before there’s even pain.

It’s an infrared camera. It’s the same technology that police, military, and fire departments use. The technology is sound, it’s scientifically accurate, and it’s reproducible. We use that as a screening tool or as a baseline assessment for which nerves are hot if the muscles are imbalanced, and by using that, we know if the patient’s improving on the inside. Even if they’re feeling better, there still could be issues. There’s never a cost to talk to the doctors here at South Orange Chiropractic, and there’s no cost for the thermal imaging. We believe everyone should have a checkup. We don’t know that anyone needs care, but we certainly know that they need a checkup, and that’s real important.