Dr. Levine describes Life Energy and the innate health of the human body

Video Transcript – Can You Explain Life Energy? 

Life energy is the energy that heals the body, there’s a constant energy force. Your body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. It needs that life energy to help heal and to help regulate. If I ran up the block and ran down the street and my heart rate starting increasing, my respiration started increasing, and my whole visual acuity changed that’s all a result of self-regulation. Now, do I time that? Do I say, “Okay, I’m going to run for the next 10 minutes. I need to elevate my heart rate from 68 beats per minute to 98. I can’t, the body is self-regulating. It does that with the life force. The life force starts at the brain, runs down the spinal cord and goes out to every organ in the body.

How about self-healing? If I cut myself and I start bleeding, well what am I going to do? I might put a little antiseptic on there, maybe a bandaid. Now, is the bandaid doing the healing, did the antiseptic do the healing? No, the life force did the healing, it’ll heal that. I can go down the butcher shop, get a rib eye, put a cut in it and then put antiseptic and a bandaid on, it’s not going to heal. Why, because it’s missing life force. The life force is the energy that’s self-healing, self-regulating.

Chiropractors take the nervous system and elevate the function of that nervous system so the body’s self-regulating ability and self-healing is increased. Better nerve supply, better nerve function, better immune system, better regulation, better healing. If you had a choice of running at peak performance or running at sub-level performance where would you be? You’d always choose to be better but how would you know? We don’t know that our life and our health and our function can be better unless we get a checkup.

How is my nervous system functioning now? I have no idea. I mean, I feel okay but feeling okay is not a good indication of health. That’s why health care’s failing dramatically, it’s based on how you feel. You go to the doctor, he says, “How do you feel?” “Oh, I feel fine.” “Okay, see yeah.” You know, we can run some blood work, we can take your blood pressure which measures one system but unless those things are registering high nothing is done. What if we can see it before it happens? We can do that with the technology that we have, it’s called a chiropractic checkup.