It’s that time of year again when many of us regret the diet we made over the summer as we realize our jeans are too tight! The all-embracing vacation and trips to the beach and pool can often lead to some unwanted pounds by the fall and, as a result, poorly fitting jeans or clothes. But that is all about to change. Look your best, and get ready to slip into your skinny jeans with these tips to help you shape up quickly.

Eat protein at every meal. Eating enough protein will help you stay satisfied and resist the temptation to snack excessively between meals.

Don’t drink your calories. You have heard it many times before, but you are drinking your calories, with sugary drinks, juice or alcohol, is an easy way to sabotage your diet. Stay hydrated with water, it helps you keep full and is a way to detox your body.

Just log it. Writing down your food and beverage intake is critical to weight-loss success, because it keeps you accountable.

No eating after dinner. Late night snacking has to come to an end. When you snack after dinner your body will be busy digesting your food while you sleep instead of burning the fat.

Try high-intensity interval training. Try different workouts and training out of your normal routine. Get your heart rate above 75% of its maximum rate has been shown to increase your metabolism, which helps you burn calories.

Don’t forget strength training. Cardio is not the important thing that should be focused on. Whether you’re a male or female strength training is recommended, it boosts your metabolism and burn calories when you sleep.

If you do not have a diet set up for yourself, discuss it with the doctors or go get a jump start with our October 10th program.

Also keep in mind of our next half hour of health program. It will be on Isagenix. Come out and learn about a fantastic cleansing and fat-burning system this Wednesday, October 10th at 7:15p.m here at South Orange Chiropractic Center.