According to Maurizio Battino, PhD, associate professor of clinical studies at the Universita Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Italy, when volunteers ate about three cups of fresh, whole strawberries per day – enjoying them at every meal – their triglycerides dropped almost 20% after just one month. Their LDL levels, or “bad cholesterol,” dropped by nearly 14%.

Possible reason: strawberries are rich in anthocyanins, which is what makes the berries red and helps to lower triglycerides and cholesterol. Not only do strawberries lower cholesterol and increase good HDL levels, they also lower blood pressure and help guard against cancer due to their high antioxidant levels.

Strawberries are also great sources of fiber, manganese and potassium, and even just one serving (about eight strawberries) contain more vitamin C than an orange. Although the benefits of strawberries are endless, keep in mind that they are more beneficial when bought organic. They are third on a list of the twelve most contaminated foods when purchased conventionally, only behind apples and celery.

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