Your back may be one of the most important parts of your body. It holds the spine, which is home to the central nervous system, helps hold up your head and gives you the ability to function the way you want. 

Due to its importance, taking care of the back needs to be an important lifestyle aspect of any person, young or old. The easiest way to take care of one’s back and stay on the path to the healthiest back possible is to understand the trifecta of back health. 

The trifecta of back health includes strength building, flexibility and proper alignment. When put all together, they create a positive environment for your body to flourish. 

Strength Building

The integrity of your back relies on how strong your muscles are that run the length of your spine up to your neck. If these muscles are weak or fatigued, it can lead to an increase in injury or general discomfort. 

One of the best ways to incorporate the strength-building part of the trifecta is to be active. The simple act of regular physical activity will allow the muscles all over your body to stay fit, therefore working together to support you. 

To get more specific, you can focus on your core muscles. Your core muscles are a big part of supporting your back, especially the lower back. They help take the pressure off of your back and support your spine. 

Our core muscles rarely are worked enough during the day. You’ll need to do targeted core workouts to make sure they are being trained the correct way. 

For example, you can work with a professional at South Orange Chiropractic Center, and they can give you specialized physical activities to do to strengthen your core and relieve different kinds of back and neck pain. 


For the best possible health, people should be stretching every day. It doesn’t have to be anything in depth, but a simple sun salutation or toe touch can go a long way for your back and neck. 

Daily stretching allows for your joints to stay relaxed and functional, lessening one’s chance of injury or discomfort such as pulling a muscle. Not only that, but daily stretching can help invigorate your joints and muscles, boosting your serotonin. 

A great daily option to get your stretch in and stay active would be yoga. You can get yoga activities from a professional or find all sorts of resources online to use to practice daily yoga. 

Proper Alignment

Having good posture is a goal for most people, but it’s one that’s a bit harder to reach. Many of us grow up without a lot of focus on our posture, spending much of our time in an improper sitting position or hunched over. 

By identifying the correct posture to have the most support for your spine, you can start to look and feel better. Your body also can start to feel more supported, leading to less low back pain or neck strain. 

The best way to take steps toward better posture is to start being mindful of your posture. Understand how your spine works, and identify some practices that you can remember to make sure you have the best posture possible throughout the day. 

Work With a Chiropractor 

The professionals at South Orange Chiropractic Center believe in pain relief and pain prevention without the need for medication. It’s what makes our clients love coming to see us and keeps them coming back for many years. 

If you’re having issues with your back health, reach out to us today on our website. We can help you identify what your back needs may be and help you take the first step towards a healthier back, and therefore, a healthier life.