According to Consumer Health Reports, there are ways that you can shorten your work outs and get bigger results. Trying interval training may be the answer to this proposal. Interval training makes you work more efficiently; your overall intensity is greater, so the length of your workout can be cut by about 20 percent. Here are some interval training benefits. Protecting the heart. Interval training has been linked to improved levels of cholesterol.

Boosting metabolism. Our bodies use different energy sources, like glycogen or ATP, a molecule that stores energy in your cells- during more intense moments. Like a drag-racing car that uses all of its gasoline in seconds, these energy sources lead you to burn more calories while using your metabolism.

Increasing vigor. The older you get, the less time you spend running around, and that void is related to the age-related decline in the quality of life.

Controlling diabetes. Interval training has been found to significantly improve insulin sensitivity in diabetes patients, encouraging tissue in the body to take up sugar from the blood more rapidly in response to insulin.

Working in Intervals…

Start by replacing one or two of your regular aerobic workouts (such as cycling, swimming, or walking) with interval sessions of the same activity, using the sample work out below. Duration: 3 min.

  • Interval: Warm up Exertion level (scale of 0-10): 2-3 Duration: 1 min.
  • Interval: Speed Exertion level (scale of 0-10); 6-8 Duration; 3 min.
  • Interval: Recovery Exertion level (scale of 0-10); 4-5

Repeat these steps to more times than cool down for 2-3 min. Ask one of the doctors at South Orange Chiropractic Center for more information on your individual needs.