In 2008 a noted medical doctor complained of their persistent use writing “We still get people who receive a course of oral steroids for back pain, with or without sciatica, even though there have been four of five studies showing no benefit from the therapy.”

There is a recent review that investigated both the effectiveness and the safety of using oral steroids for sciatica which found they failed on both counts. They found seven randomized controlled trials comparing oral steroids to placebo (like a sugar pill) and found no clinical benefit for the steroids over the placebo. However, adverse events were twice as high in those taking the steroids as for those taking the placebo (13.3% vs. 6.6%). The steroids not only were worthless but worst they were harmful.

If you suffer from back pain or back pain with sciatica, just say no to oral steroids and call us because unlike steroids, there are numerous studies previously reported in these pages showing chiropractic care effective for sciatica, back pain, and many other painful conditions.

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