Studies have shown that night workers are more likely to be obese than people who work days, studies have shown. They’re also more prone to diabetes and high blood pressure, among many other health problems. Reason: Your internal clocks expect you to be active during the day and to sleep at night, which can cause weight gain even when their total daily intake of calories are the same as for people who eat at more conventional times and don’t gain weight.

Additionally, people who are active at night have a rise in blood pressure and changes in hormone output, which can contribute to health problems. What to do: Avoid getting most of your calories in at night. For example, if you work the 8 pm to 4 am shift, have your main meal around 7 pm. Drinking plenty of water also can help prevent over-eating during the shift.

People who don’t work nights should avoud eating at night as well. Best: Eat dinner at least three hours before bedtime. Also, no matter what time you go to bed, try not to eat any snacks two hours beforehand. A before-sleep snack produces energy that’s not needed – the excess calories get stored as fat.

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