According to the latest research report out of South Korea published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine on December 16, by placing five acupuncture needles in the outer ear, people can begin to lose unwanted weight. Ear acupuncture therapy is based on the theory that the outer ear represents all parts of the body. Techniques include inserting one needle into the area that is linked to hunger and appetite, and inserting five needles at different key points of the ear.

During an eight week study, 91 overweight people were given either five-point acupuncture, one-point acupuncture for hunger, or placebo treatment. Participants were advised to follow a restrictive diet, and not to increase exercise habits. Over the course of the study, 24 patients dropped out, 15 of whom were receiving the placebo treatment. There were significant differences in weight loss among those who completed the study. After four weeks, those receiving the five-point treatment had an average weight reduction of 6.1%, compared to the 5.7% weight reduction among those treating with one needle. No weight loss was recorded for those receiving the placebo treatment. The largest drop in weight was seen in waist size and body fat index by those receiving the five-point treatment.

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