It can cause many health problems. Here’s how to get relief. According to a national representative consumer health poll about stress, the usual stressors an American faces daily are…

Financial worries,
work-related troubles,
personal health issues,
family- related health problems,
tension with a partner,
children’s behavior/homework,
commuting troubles,
reaction to the news.

How do you reduce some of these stressors?

Meditation – Focus your attention on breathing to become more aware of the present.

Biofeedback – This method uses electronic devices to measure heart rate and any other indicators, and visual feedback to determine how well you’re doing at reducing stress.

Exercise – Forget about all those worries, fears and anxieties with a good cardio workout.

E-mail hiatus – Stay away from those stressful work e-mails for a while, take a break. Establish work time from relaxation.

Hands-on help – A massage or visit to your chiropractor can help relieve anxiety and stress.

Remember: Any kind of stress whether it is good or bad can affect your overall health. Thermal imaging can detect the amount of stress on your nervous system and certain nutritional supplements can aid in relief of stress as well.

Ask your doctors at South Orange Chiropractic Center for further inquiries.

Please note: Dr. Levine will be presenting a stress free/ live well workshop at the Wellness Lounge tomorrow, Saturday November 17th 2012 at 11:00 am. (14 South Orange Ave 973 275 3868) stop by and learn of the benefits of lessening stress.