Running is a popular form of exercise mostly due to the fact that you can run anywhere, you don’t need equipment, and it is one of the best cardiovascular workouts that burns calories fast. However, along with the benefits, running also poses a high risk of injury. Chiropractic care can get your body into prime running condition and build up a resistance to future injury.

Chiropractic Treatment Can Help

Most people think that chiropractic treatment is only for the spine. Actually, chiropractic focuses on healing and aligning the entire body. Specifically, hip pain can be treated through manipulation of the lower spine. A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine found evidence that regular chiropractic treatments increased hip mobility over time.

The New York Times featured a study by Harvard scientists who discussed an alarming statistic that more than half of all runners (male and female) become injured every year. Besides hip pain, other common injuries brought on or exacerbated by a running routine include shin splints, ankle sprains, tendonitis, and knee strains.

The hardest thing for avid runners to do after they have been injured is to stop running. It is important to give yourself a chance to heal. Most runners do not like to interrupt their routine due to the benefits they have achieved. Chiropractic treatment may decrease healing time.
Sports chiropractors work with runners with injuries caused by the repetitive motion of running. For runners, this is a strong motivator for seeking treatment so that they can get back to pounding the pavement as quickly as possible.

Hip Misalignment Can Have A Domino Effect

Our hips are engaged in just about every move we make. Chiropractic adjustments promote healing in the body as a whole. Adjustments to the spine have a domino effect on the rest of the body due to the connection to the central nervous system.

When you run, your control and strength come from your hips. The hips are the power source for running. That power propels your body into motion with your legs. The misalignment of hips can be caused by a variety of factors such as pre-existing injuries, posture, or even your running shoes.

When the hips are out of alignment, the pain can be unbearable. Misalignment can even cause bone stress fractures if you continue to run without treatment.
A domino effect of injuries from running can occur in your muscles, joints, and bones. These injuries will not only prevent continued running but they can keep you from performing everyday activities. Eventually, the hip pain will decrease your range of motion, thereby causing more dysfunction in other parts of your body.

Prevent Future Injuries

When the hip is injured and becomes out of alignment with the spine, other parts of the body may weaken and become more susceptible to injury. One part of the body will start compensating for another weakened part. This is a recipe for further injuries.
Chiropractic treatment helps keep the hip and spine aligned. Regular adjustments can alleviate the impact of running on your body and help prevent running-related injuries in the future. No matter what your level of running, chiropractic adjustments will improve your performance by reducing the stress and strain on your hips.

The chiropractors at South Orange Chiropractic Center will identify the source of your hip pain and develop a strategy for the appropriate treatment. We treat the entire body which will make you a stronger runner in the long run.

Learn more about how to improve the condition of your hips with adjustments and exercises to get you back on your feet in less time. Schedule a visit at South Orange Chiropractic Center today!