Athletes spend their lives training— for competitions, games, races, and events. The term athlete does not just cover those in high school, college, or professional sports; it also refers to people who work out on a regular basis, play on recreation league teams, and compete in organized events like 5Ks and Marathons.

If you find yourself in one of the categories above, you may find that regular chiropractic care will not only benefit you, but help you to excel at your chosen sport. Here are some ways chiropractors take care of athletes and help them to perform better.

Keeping Both Sides Of The Body Strong

Something often seen in athletes is one side of the body becoming stronger than the other. Typically we have a dominant side; it’s the side that’s stronger and steadier than the other side.

When one side works harder than the other it has more stress put on it, enhancing the risk of injury. The chiropractor can help to keep your sides symmetrical by ensuring that both sides are as flexible and limber as possible. This will keep you more balanced and allows both sides of your body to work equally.

Injury Avoidance

Chiropractic care can be preventative, not just healing. When your spine is not compressed and your joints and limbs are loose, you can help them work at their full potential.

Athletes specifically can have small adjustments done that will prevent future injuries that could take them out of the game. Chiropractic care goes far beyond just adjustments, and your chiropractor will use a variety of techniques that will also allow you to recover more quickly from soreness related to physical activity.

Injury Recovery

No matter what the injury, chiropractic care can truly help to get you back in the game! When you are injured, your muscles seize up to protect your skeleton. When you take the time off that’s necessary for recovery, you’ll probably find that your joints, ligaments, and spine will tighten up, too.

Chiropractors can help to realign your spine and loosen your joints, ligaments, and tendons, getting you back in action faster than ever.

Your Chiropractic Visit

When you go to the chiropractor, it is important you choose someone with good credentials and reputation. Your chiropractor will ask for a detailed health history as well ask many questions about what brings you to the office, whether it’s to treat an injury or to engage in preventative treatment.

Make sure you’re honest with your chiropractor about your level of activity as well as your training regime. Don’t expect all the work to be done during your visit. Your chiropractor will give you homework in the form of stretches and exercises to do in between treatments.

No matter the stage in their career or the stage of life they are in, athletes are always looking for a way to get ahead of the competition— even if that competition is themselves. Chiropractic care can help you to excel in your sport of choice. If you’re looking to enhance your athletic capability, come talk to the doctors at South Orange Chiropractic Care today. Our doctors have a wealth of information and services to share to keep your overall health, wellness, and competitive spirit at optimal levels.