Salads and almonds help with cataracts, cancer, and heart disease.

Did you know that brightly colored vegetables are rich in plant pigments that can reduce your risk of heart disease, cataracts, and cancer? However, they need to be eaten with a small amount of absorption-boosting monounsaturated fat, such as that found in almonds or avocados.

An Ohio State University study measured how well phytochemicals from a mixed green salad were absorbed when eaten with or without 3 1/2 tbsp of avocado. The avocado’s fatty acids helped subjects absorb 8.3 times more alpha-carotene, 13.6 times more beta-carotene, and 4.3 times more lutein than those who ate their salad plain.

“This is a great argument against fat-free salad dressings,” says Magee, who also suggests adding sliced almonds to salads. “When plant sterols are combined with almonds, the LDL cholesterol-lowering effect is greater than with plant sterols alone.”

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