Due to the tragic inclement weather, here at South Orange Chiropractic Center we send out all our good wishes to our patients, friends and families that have suffered any losses. We are up and running with full power helping people cope with the stresses of Sandy. The article below may be beneficial to everyone.

According to Dr. Oz here is the game changing development. Doctors now believe that chronic pain is not merely a symptom of another condition; rather, it’s a separate disease and should be treated as such. In some cases chronic pain is the result of inflammation. But in others it has a more complex yet little- understood cause, one that’s tied in to how the brain processes pain signals. Long exposure to physical pain isn’t healthy.

The typical treatment for chronic pain has been medications, including over the counter drugs like Ibuprofen and aspirin, which target inflammation- as well as narcotics such as codeine and morphine, which block pain signals and simply temporarily treat the pain. Moreover, what people fail to realize is that the problem comes before the pain. In order to get rid of the pain you must get rid of the problem first. Now it’s time to look for natural progressive healing. Chiropractic may be the solution.

Don’t dwell in that chronic pain, seek the problem today. There may be an issue within your nervous system that is causing this pain. Here at South Orange Chiropractic Center you can help you find what is wrong. If you know anyone that is suffering from chronic pain, let them know we are here to help. Here at South Orange Chiropractic Center we offer complimentary scans, the doctors here can pin point the problem and discuss the solutions with you.