The webinar on springing into action will be an enjoyable and applicable watch at any time of the year. 

In this recording, Dr. Stephen Levine and Dr. Mark Roczey cover:

  • The Six P’s of Goal setting
    • You need a purpose. You also need to be sure to write it down and look at it every day. This may seem simple, and it is. However, writing down your purpose and reflecting on it every day is a very powerful way to keep you on track to your goals
    • You need personal goals. These are your goals. Not anyone else’s goals or goals that people think you should achieve, these need to be yours. This goes for all the following types of goals. Personal goals also refer to goals for your personal life
    • Professional goals. What type of career or job goals do you have? Is it a promotion you want in the next 6-12 months? To run your own business? To provide your clients with better service? To master a concept in your industry?
    • People goals. These could be about your family. How do you want to grow as a family? People goals can also refer to what kinds of friends do you want to have in your life? What types of people do you want to spend time with? How will they help enrich your life?
    • Prosperity goals. Financially speaking, what type of income or savings (or both) do you want in the next year?  Are you looking to get out of debt? To save for college? To buy your vacation home? To fund your retirement? 
    • Play goals. Now, how are you going to have more fun? What types of hobbies do you want to pick up or try? Play is an important part of life and successful life. Be sure to make time for play in your life. It is important.
  • Decisiveness – how to make positive choices for yourself and how to stick to them
  • Personal responsibility – your life is yours, let’s help you live the best one you can.

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