A surprising way to stay hydrated while improving your performance.

In one study, runners were given two cups of either a frozen or room-temperature drink 45 minutes before a 10K event in 82 degrees Fahrenheit weather.

Results showed, those who drank the slushy drink ran an average of 15 seconds faster. One possible explanation for this is the ice in the slushy drink increased body heat storage capacity, which allowed runners to improve running time by avoiding overheating. Eating an ice pop may have a similar effect! Yum!

So before hitting the streets and sidewalks of Maplewood and South Orange in the Summer, drink and ice-cold glass of H2O before you go! You may not be trying to set any land speed records, but your body will thank you.

Jason Kai Wei Lee, Ph.D., head, human performance laboratory, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore.