Ah, yes, the New Year. It’s right around the corner, and you can’t wait to dance, kiss and sing into 2020. 

But it wouldn’t be the coming of New Year’s Day without making a list of New Year’s resolutions. 

Most people’s New Year’s resolutions are the same: Work out more, get more sleep, have fun, go on vacations. One of the big ones that most people write down is going on some sort of diet: Keto, low-carb, low-fat, calorie restricting, liquid. The most common reason for these diets is to lose weight or, in some cases, get more energy and eat healthier. 

Unfortunately, none of those fad diets are worth your time. The diet industry is a business. Businesses need money. And even though they are plastering up pictures of fat-free chocolate bars and gluten-free bread, this may not be what’s best for you and your body. 

The diet industry just wants you to feel like they have all the answers to your problems, but we guarantee they don’t. So instead of doing a fad diet in 2020, try this instead. 

Focus on Your Overall Wellness

Many people don’t understand the fact that your weight does not equal your health. People can be a high weight or a low weight and still be healthy or unhealthy. Each person is different. 

Even though there is research that says there’s an association between weight loss and better health, but it’s unclear whether or not it’s just weight loss that causes this. It could also be other positive behaviors people adapt along the way, like healthier eating, body positivity and regular exercise. 

Mental health also can affect your body. If you’re consistently stressed or overworked, consider sitting down and figuring out what would make you the happiest. Try to think of activities you can do that could help with stress or anxiety, like a hobby or going to see a chiropractor for acupuncture

Move It or Lost It

We understand not wanting to work out. Two in five other Americans are with you on that, whether it’s because of age, time or money. 

But excuses will only get you so far. If you don’t start doing more for your body, you’ll start to see the unhealthy effects of that, one of them being weight gain. 

We’re not saying you need to go to the gym every day. Just start taking a 30-minute walk every day at some point. Have it be a time where you can destress and think about things. Bring your partner and family along, and make it a daily item you do together. 

The simple act of walking every day can allow you to gradually lose weight, increase your energy, and strengthen your bones and muscles. 

Ditch the Junk Food

If you’re really dead set on doing something about what you eat, just cut out the junk food and soda. You don’t have to do it completely but enough so that it’s a rare occasion you do eat like that. 

Junk foods have a whole list of bad things in them like artificial ingredients, added sugars and trans fat while lacking important nutrients like fiber and protein. This is why junk food can become so addicting for people—because of its artificial effect on the brain

Cutting out junk food is all it can take for you to notice a weight change in your body and to feel better as a whole. 

Love Yourself and Be Patient 

Self-esteem and loving the body you’re in can be a hard thing to come by. Having low self-esteem or not liking your body the way it is can cause your body to reflect that feeling. 

Before doing anything else, consider evaluating how much you love yourself and your body. 

Hand in hand with that, the results won’t happen overnight or in a day. It will be gradual but worth it in the end. Have patience and stay persistent on what you choose to do. 

We’re Here to Help

There are so many more things you can do instead of participating in a fad diet this year, but these are a few key ones we felt we needed to share here at South Orange Chiropractic Center.

If after reading this list you’d like to talk more about different ways to focus on your overall health and lose weight, check out one of the health products we offer, our Meditation, Weight Loss and Chiropractic Homecare CDs. These CDs give you practices you can do to promote overall health and weight loss. 

If you still want to talk, reach out on our website. We’re happy to help.