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Foods that help you sleep

Published Friday, 17 July 2015

Try having one of these snacks one hour before bedtime. Kiwis are rich in serotonin, a hormone and neurotransmitter that promotes sleep. Cheese and whole-wheat-crackers contain 80% carbohydrates and 20% protein, the best ratio for boosting serotonin. But skip aged cheeses, such as Parmesan—they have an amino acid that can raise levels of stimulating chemicals. Tart cherry juice contains high levels of the hormone melatonin, which may help you sleep longer and more soundly.

The new “brain food”

Published Tuesday, 07 July 2015

Want your brain to be as sharp as someone’s a decade younger? Eat more spinach and kale. A 10-year study of more than 950 older adults found that those who ate just one or two servings of leafy greens per day had the cognitive abilities of people 11 years younger. Why it works: The lutein and vitamin K in the greens protect cognitive function. Important: If you take the blood thinner warfarin, work with your doctor to modify your dosage if you increase your intake of leafy greens.

Overall Health: Pomegranate

Published Wednesday, 01 July 2015

According to a UCLA study, this popular juice packs in the most antioxidant power per fluid ounce (followed by the old favorite, Concord grape). Once in your body, those antioxidants go to work repairing cellular damage and preventing free radicals – oxygen-containing molecules that harm cells- from causing any further problems. In other words, you’ll look and feel healthier than ever.

Good Digestion: Papaya

Published Monday, 15 June 2015

Feeling like your last meal may have been … well, heavenly, of course, but a little too much? Down a glass of papaya juice. It’s got all the nutrients your body needs, plus natural enzymes that help break down fats and proteins, making life so much easier for your stomach and intestines. It’s absolutely delicious (and even more effective) when blended with pineapple.

Fighting Colds: Lemon and Ginger

Published Saturday, 06 June 2015

Lemon and ginger is a classic combo when served hot with tea and honey. Strange as it might sound, it’s even more effective at fighting infections if you toss the lemon peel into the juicer along with its tart flesh; the essential oils and antioxidant-containing pigments help take the lemon’s vitamin C to a whole new level.

Immune Boosting: Cranberry and Apple

Published Monday, 01 June 2015

This juice combo contains high levels of infection-fighting vitamin C and, if the apples are juiced with their peels, plenty of pectin, a great source of healthy fiber. The nutrients in cranberries stimulate stress-reducing hormones in the body, fight infections and increase the liver’s efficiency in clearing fats and toxins out of the bloodstream.


Published Friday, 02 August 2013

While raw veggies certainly have plenty of health benefits, cooking makes the cancer-fighting constituents of tomatoes and broccoli more bioavailable (that is, ready for utilization and/or storage in the body).

These vegetables are each loaded with cancer-fighting compounds: tomatoes, with antioxidants such as lycopene, vitamin C, and vitamin A; and broccoli with the phytochemicals beta-carotene, indoles, and isothicyanates. A University of Illinois study also found that eating them together is like a one-two punch against prostate cancer.

Did you know there was such thing as an Anti-Aging Diet?

Published Saturday, 03 November 2012

According to Dr.Oz adding these five super foods to your grocery list helps with longevity.

Broccoli: or other cruciferous veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and Brussels sprouts. They’re great because they have chemicals in them that help detoxify the body and prevent cancer.

Eggs: A powerful source of protein. Many people think eating eggs increases blood cholesterol. Not true. Eggs contain choline, a B vitamin shown to reduce inflammation in the brain, which may lessen the chance of developing Alzheimer’s. And these protein powerhouses protect your bones and fight frailty, too. Antioxidants and other nutrients in egg yolks help prevent macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness, and protect the retina from UV sun damage.


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