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Popular Drugs That Have Surprising Side Effects

Published Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bottom Line/Health interviewed Robert Steven Gold, a hospital pharmacist and affiliate instructor of clinical pharmacy at Purdue University in West Lafayette, India, who states that medication is given to patients to help them, not to harm them. This makes it hard to comprehend that the side effects and interactions from medications cause more deaths annually than homicides, car accidents and airplane crashes combined.

Irregular heartbeat, burning rash on upper body, unexplained bruises, stomach or esophagus ulcers, persistent muscle pain, and tremors may occur as a side effect due to many popular drugs.

Sit Less, Live Longer!

Published Saturday, 11 August 2012

According to recent analysis of health data for 167,000 adults, researchers found that those who reported being sedentary for less than three hours a day had a life expectancy that was two years longer than those who sat for three or more hours per day. Have you noticed how many hours you sit a day?

A sedentary life style contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. If you sit for hours a day be sure to get up and walk around every hour or so. It’s recommended to stay as active as possible and maintain a daily walking routine.

Modernize your walking workout

Published Saturday, 04 August 2012

As written in August 2012 Consumer Reports on Health, you already know that walking is good for you. It can reduce your risk of heart disease, relieve stress, improve blood pressure and blood sugar, strengthen bones, ease some menopause symptoms, keep your brain sharp, aid in weight loss, and possibly add a few years to your life.

There are many different key tips that can help you jazz up your walks. There are also gadgets designed to boost motivation for these walks whether they be taken along a park trail or in your very own home on a treadmill.

Levels of Chiropractic Care

Did you know there were four? Which level are you at? What is your goal?

Published Saturday, 28 July 2012

The four levels of chiropractic care are chronic ill health, disease, dis-ease, and ideal health. Each level of chiropractic care is very important. Your experience may vary based on your unique case history, health status, age, and inherited family strengths and weaknesses.

The first level of chiropractic care deals with intensive spinal correction. Because of its focus on the nerve system, chiropractic care can be an important part of a wellness lifestyle. The nerve system controls the function of virtually every aspect of our lives. So, maintaining a properly functioning nerve system is essential if you want to be your very best.


"The Surprising Cause of Memory Problems, Bladder Cancer and Other Dangerous Conditions"

Published Monday, 23 July 2012

Ann Grandjean, associate professor of medical nutrition education at University of Nebraska Medical Center of Omaha states how difficult it is to pin point exactly how much water an individual needs. Being that the human body is made of 70% of water, it isn't enough to maintain good health. Everyone's activity levels, metabolism, and environmental factors such as heat and humidity are different. Some individuals may need more water than others. Water is an essence of life.

3 Surprising Reasons to Give Up Soda

Published Saturday, 04 February 2012

We all know that America's drink of choice contributes to our country's ever-expanding obesity problem. But, as writer Leah Zerbe discovered, love handles are just the beginning. After reading the following three shocking soda facts, you will be saying "Just water, please" from now on.

Shocking Soda Fact #1: Soda fattens up your organs

A recent Danish study revealed that drinking non-diet soda leads to dramatic increases in dangerous hard-to-detect fats.

School Lunches - Safely Making the Grade

(NAPSI)-Knowing the ABCs of food safety can help parents provide a safer and more nutritious lunch.

Published Friday, 26 February 2010

Here are some pointers from the National Food Processors Association:

A: Avoid cross-contamination when preparing food. Do not use the same utensils for raw meats and other products.

When preparing lunch, be sure to refrigerate items such as tuna, cold cuts, egg salad and any type of dairy products. Consult food labels to make sure foods are stored at the proper temperature.

Wash hands often, use clean utensils and cutting boards and wash preparation surfaces to reduce the risk of contamination by harmful bacteria.

Five Cleaning Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

(NAPSI) - Dust and dirt have taken over many American homes during the past few months.

Published Friday, 26 February 2010

Cleaning is key to help combat seasonal allergies. Since rodents are known to aggravate allergies and asthma, don't forget to check for signs that rats and mice have invaded your home. An estimated 21 million homes are invaded by rodents each year-and in that one year, a single pair of mice can produce more than 15,000 descendents.

Rodents need food, water and shelter in order to survive. Follow these Top 5 Tips by home improvement expert, Mr. Fix-It, Lou Manfredini to help keep your home rodent free:


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