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Product Toolbox

Dr. Hoy’s / Biofreeze

Greaseless and stainless cream with no lingering odor for muscle spasms and joint pain. These gels relieve pain by using deep penetrating cold therapy. Discuss application with the Doctors.

Ice Packs

The advantage of these packs is that they stay soft and pliable after being frozen to increase the contact area and maximize the therapeutic effect of ice. These are recommended during the initial phase of care, as well as during an exacerbation. 

The Intracell “Stick”

The Intracell “Stick” is designed to segmentally compress, elongate and relax contracted muscle bundles. It has been clinically proven to improve muscle strength, flexibility and endurance. It also accelerates muscle healing. Ask for a demo.

Meditation, Weight Loss and Chiropractic Homecare CDs

Meditation, Weight Loss and Chiropractice Homecare CDs:

  • The meditation CD promotes deep states of relaxation allowing for the release of tension and constriction in the body and mind.
  • Hypnosis for healthy weight loss CD.
  • The Chiropractic homecare CD serves as a support aid for the chiropractic adjustments.
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